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Phil Burgess UX Research Design Manager | 801-369-4269
  • Dedicated UX Research Expert for 22 years
  • Specialize in over 54 UX Research Methods
  • Quantitative & Qualitative UX Researcher
  • Specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization
  • NN/g UX Certified (1022592)

  • NN/g- UX Research Leadership Certification (1022592)

  • CSM (Certified Scrum Master)

  • UserZoom Core Certification

  • UserZoom Advanced Certification


Philip Burgess

(801) 369-4269

Summary of Qualifications

  • Subject matter expert specializing in UX Research, strategy, creation, integration, management, and planning.

  • Extensive expertise in creating, managing and assessing UX Research personnel, teams, standards, practices and research methodologies within an organization.

  • Over 22 years of comprehensive hands-on experience and expertise conducting UX Research studies and testing for mobile, app, web, and system-based programs

  • Comprehensive experience in coaching, mentoring and leading UX Research personnel and teams

  • Digital UX Research expert specializing in numerous UX Research methodologies, including; usability testing, heuristic evaluations, conversion rate optimization, AB testing, task analysis, and quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Comprehensive experience and thorough knowledge utilizing Axure,, userzoom, Loop11, Lookback, Hotjar, Optimal Workshop, Google Optimize, Google Analytics, Jira, Slack, Trello, and numerous other personal and digital based tools and platforms

  • Created extensive usability reports and heuristic evaluations for,, Asurion, Verizon, T-Mobile, the American Express Global HR Intranet, and numerous other companies.

  • Certified Agile ScrumMaster with 10+ years’ experience in coaching and mentoring all aspects of successful customer-centric UX related project management processes, including Agile UX integration within teams.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with all members of the organization, including; c-level, senior management, clients, sales and marketing, designers, developers and miscellaneous core team members.

  • Web Instructor and strategist for over 20 years.

  • Expert in conversion rate optimization and quantifying the monetary ROI of UX and UX Research

  • NN/g UX Certified with a specialty in UX Management

18+ Years Utilizing the Following UX Research Methodologies

Usability Evaluation:

  • Formative Evaluation

  • Summative Evaluation

  • Generative Research

  • Evaluative Research


Usability Inspection Methods:

  • Pluralistic Usability Walkthrough

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Cognitive Walkthrough

  • Metaphors of Human Thinking

  • Persona-Based Inspection


Usability Testing With Users:

  • AB / Multivariate Testing

  • Usability Testing

    • In-Person

    • Remote Moderated

    • Remote Unmoderated

  • Benchmark Testing

  • Competitive Usability Testing

  • Remote Evaluation

  • Think Aloud Testing

  • Wizard of Oz (WOZ)


Cognitive Models: 

  • KLM GOMS  

Task Analysis and Modeling Methods:

  • TaskAnalysis

  • CognitiveTaskAnalysis

  • HierarchicalTaskAnalysis

Context of Use Methods:

  • ContextualInquiry

  • Context of Use Analysis  

  • LongitudinalStudy

Ethnographic Methods:

  • Ethnography

  • CulturalProbe

  • ParticipantObservation



  • Site Catalyst

  • Adobe

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Optimize

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • ROI Analytics

Field Study Methods:

  • Field Study

  • Diary Study

  • Photo Study

Design Methods

  • Card Sorting

  • Paper Prototyping

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Parallel Design

  • Participatory Design

Requirements Methods

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • Claims Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Future Workshop

  • Persona

  • Scenario of Use

  • Usability Benchmark


Satisfaction Methods

  • ASQ


  • UME

  • SMEQ

  • SEQ

Professional Experience

Global UX Research Manager

Nu Skin Enterprises

12/17 - Present

  • Created, managed, coached and mentored Global UX Research teams, processes, standards, and best practices

  • Champion and train other departments and functions on user-centric design and UX research best practices.

  • Oversee the UX Research strategy on a Global level, including hiring and assessing of current and future team members.

  • During first 6 months, increased conversion shopping cart revenue by $55,000,000 through methodology expertise.

  • Provide leadership and guidance on the importance and ROI of UX Research throughout the organization.


Senior UX Research Manager

10/16 – 12/17

  • Senior UX Researcher Lead for, developing and mentoring internal research teams.

  • Conducted numerous usability studies, competitive analysis, usability testing, benchmark testing, call center app re-engineering, and many other research methodologies

  • Core team member in the integration of key UX initiatives, enhancements, and improvements.

UX Research Principal

Philip W Burgess Consulting (Owner)

10/15 – Present

  • Extensive consulting experience in all facets of UX Research, human factors, user experience analytics, design, development, human computer interaction (HCI), information architecture, web, mobile, system and application heuristic evaluations, and usability testing.


Senior UX Researcher

American Express

05/14 – 10/15

  • Served as Team Lead for formulating, creating and conducting Time Based Studies, utilizing employee-based tasks for documenting improvement efficiencies for a majority of HR digital based systems.

  • Led and coached all team members on conducting UX Research evaluations for the American Express HR web applications.

  • Created a UX Research team from the ground floor

  • Created informative and comprehensive Usability Study Reports based on evaluation of the American Express’ HR related

    information architecture and overall digital and system-based design.

User Experience Researcher & Designer

Ciber Corporation

03/13 – 04/14

  • Coordinated and led user group sessions for UX Research, discovery, information gathering, wire frame reviews, interaction flows, usability testing, and user workflow discussions.

  • Executed successful User Research, developing Personas through member interviews and contextual inquiries.

  • Defined, evaluated, and recommended changes to product designs based on user feedback, business analytics, cognitive

    walk-thrus, and overall business strategy.

  • Documented the user experience through deliverables such as task flows, scenarios, storyboards, wireframes, detailed

    screen layouts, and design specifications.

  • Identified, clarified, and prioritized user experience requirements, while continuing to evangelize and develop customer centric digital based initiatives.

Senior UX Researcher / Human Factors

Convergys Corporation

8/10 – 3/13

  • Human Factors Analyst responsible for successful customer-centric design and management of multiple customer facing digital initiatives and deliverables.

  • Collaborated with end users in capturing their respective needs, developing use case scenarios, creating personas, conducting heuristic evaluations, task analysis, and cognitive walkthroughs; while focusing on end user goals and tasks.

  • Established user experience expertise and best practices for customer facing web systems and applications.

  • Evangelist for continual user experience thought process, ensuring business leaders and executives understand the value of UX activities and the qualitative and quantitative ROI from related initiatives.


UX Research SME / Technical Product Owner

Asurion Insurance Services

4/08 – 8/10

  • Re-designed the external facing customer web presence and internal customer service applications, saving the company 11 million dollars in the first quarter of 2009, while serving as a core member of the online governance committee.  

  • UX Research SME, responsible for successful management of multiple web and digital initiatives and deliverables.    

  • Created and implemented usability best practices, principles, and guidelines that increased efficiency, accelerated customer satisfaction and effectiveness of operational systems and procedures.    

  • Managed all aspects of the user experience design, implementation and usability analysis for the front-end facing web initiatives.

  • Established overall vision, user experience strategy, UX Research team, and alignment of all UX initiatives.  


UX Researcher Lead / E-commerce Project Manager

Scholastic Book Fairs

11/06 – 4/08

  • Successfully launched the first ever online catalog redemption site that resulted in a net gain of 9 million dollars in the first two quarters of 2008 

  • E-commerce project manager for all of Scholastic Book Fairs online applications and initiatives.   

  • Effectively communicated and coordinated project activities with business, technical and IT service vendors and providers.  

  • Created and developed the UX and UX Research team


UX Research Director

William James Group

5/01 – 11/06

  • Supervised and led all user experience initiatives for numerous business clients while managing all development and design teams in the strategical and tactical implementation of web-based customer centric solutions.    

  • Implemented web-based standards, processes and usability best practices to ensure repeatability of project successes that led to project completion rates ahead of schedule and exceeding business and client expectations. 

  • Created and coached internal UX Research teams within several organizations

Lead Web Project Manager

General Motors (Allison Transmission Division)

5/99 – 5/01

  • Developed and managed all web related strategies, project plans, project charters, business case, ROI analysis, web site mission statement, and all goals and objectives as they relate to the Web and business process for the Allison Transmission division.    

Webmaster, Developer and UX

Cox Interactive Media

9/97 - 5/99



NN/g Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified /Specialty UX Management- 2018

Scrum Alliance - Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - 2008

University of Central Florida – B.A. Psychology - 1986



I love being in the research world and have always been fascinated with how and what people do when they interact with day-to-day technologies.

Since my early years, I have truly honed my craft to become highly proficient in most quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, techniques, and best practices. 

In my personal life, I am a yoga fanatic and have a daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga.  I am also a certified yoga teacher and have a true passion for bringing the flow of yoga into all my endeavors.

hilip Burgess UX Researcher & Design Manager
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